The Top Foodie Cities… According To Your Zodiac Sign

With the world as your oyster there are so many different vacation spots to choose from.

And if you have a taste for fine cuisine then choosing your next food destination is even more difficult.

However, if you’re struggling to decide on your next foodie travel spot, then maybe the answer lies in the stars!

Whether you believe in your horoscope or not, your zodiac sign could turn out to be your best travel guide…

Personality Traits: Daring, Confident, Impassioned

Aries are adrenaline junkies who really love to take on a dare.

In fact, scientific research has found that people with fiery personalities may be more inclined to like fiery cuisine.

Visit ~ Chengdu, Sichuan, China (and try some piping hot Mapo Doufu stew)

top foodie cities

Photo By BenBen

Noted by as one of the 7 spiciest foodie cities in the world, Chengdu is the place to be if you want some searingly hot cuisine.

Personality Traits: Devoted, Stable, Practical

Tauruses have a hardworking multi-tasking personality, which means they’re always on the move.

Visit – Delhi, India (and sip on a creamy Lassi drink)

top foodie cities

Photo By Balurbala

You’re going to need some nourishment that you can consume – and enjoy – on the go.

So keep moving whilst drinking these thirst quenching smoothie-style Lassi’s.

Personality Traits: Amiable, Genial, Flexible

Gemini’s are agreeable and friendly with everyone they come across.

And scientists have discovered that people with sweeter dispositions tend to have sweeter tooth’s.

Visit ~ Phnom Penh, Cambodia (and get snacking on some Sankhya lapov)

top foodie cities

Your sweet tooth is bound to be satiated with this steam-baked pumpkin and coconut dessert.

Personality Traits: Artistic, Compassionate, Sensitive

If Cancer is your Zodiac sign, then you’re likely someone who’ll really appreciate some home-cooking.

For you, the special ingredient in every meal is ‘Love’.

Visit – New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (and chow down on the best Cornbread in the world)

top foodie cities

Get prepared to taste a medley of soul food – from southern barbecue to Creole cuisine.

Personality Traits: Generous, Strong, Playful

Leos are extroverts who love to live it up and party!

Visit – Amsterdam, Netherlands (and chow down on some Stroopwafel)

top foodie cities

These famously popular Dutch waffles can make any Leo’s taste buds dance with delight.

But for Leos, it is less about the food and more about the company you’re with.

And as one of the worlds foremost party destinations, Amsterdam is also home to some of the best electronic music showcases worldwide.

Personality Traits: Rational, Practical, Affectionate

Virgos may have a more cynical world-view, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to venture out into it.

However, their logical personalities tend to make them a little choosier about what they like to eat.

Visit – Cahors, Dordogne, France (and sample their wealth of wine)

top foodie cities

Photo By Jebulon

At a wine-tasting vacation a Virgo can analyze and critique each ‘vin de table’ to their hearts content.

Personality Traits: Amiable, Gracious, Affable

Libra’s tend to struggle with deciding on what to eat.

Instead they prefer to snack throughout the day on a range of small but tasty morsels.

Visit – Copenhagen, Denmark (and try some of their great cheese Smörgåsbords)

top foodie cities

The buffet-style layout of the Smörgåsbord means you can happily nibble on a wide range a Danish fare.

Personality Traits: Capable, Courageous, Intense

They may act cool and composed on the outside, but inside, Scorpios have an passionately earnest personality.

And more often than not, they can become so absorbed in what they’re doing, they rarely take a break.

So whether at work or at play, Scorpios need a drink that’ll keep their energy up throughout the day.

Visit – Venice, Italy (and immerse yourself in a city of Coffee Lovers).

top foodie cities

It’s time to skip the usual break room coffee brew. Instead, whisk yourself off to a cafe inside this historic city.

Personality Traits: Big-Hearted, Thoughtful, Idealistic

Sagittarii absolutely love a challenge. Even if that challenge is the extraordinary meal on their plate!

Visit – Hanoi, Le Mat, Vietnam (and try out snake meat soup).

Discover culinary adventure in a village known for having some of Southeast Asia’s top Snake catchers.

Personality Traits: Capable, Responsible, Self-Disciplined

If the Capricorn personality could be summed up as a meal it would be the reliably hearty Sunday Roast.

Visit – Wymondham, Norfolk, England (and order up a plate full of roast meats with all the trimmings)

top foodie cities

Photo By Tim Drury

Few places prepare a better Sunday Roast than a traditional British Pub.

And in a town with pubs dating back to the 14th century, you’ll not only find great food, you’ll also find great British history.

Personality Traits: Altruistic, Self-Sufficient, Philanthropic

Having an Aquarius personality means that you love to dine out with friends.

But you also worry about how your dining choices impact the wider world around you.

Visit – Crete, Greece (and partake of sustainable and organic dishes such as Dakos).

top foodie cities

Photo By Jebulon

The ‘Futouris’ project aims to boost tourism to the island of Crete – whilst also protecting its local farms and culture from over-tourism.

Personality Traits: Intuitive, Compassionate, Tender

Pisces represents a sensitive soul still able to look at the world with an innocent wonder.

Foods and treats that hark back to happier childhood days are their perfect comfort food.

Visit – Rome, Italy (and start taste-testing a range of different Gelato)

top foodie cities

Photo by Willian West

Finding a great Gelaterias in Rome is the easy part.

The hard part’s deciding which one of the many flavors of Gelato, (an Italian-styled ice cream), is your favorite.