How To Wear Sunglasses With Style This Summer (Try Out These 4 Quick Tips!)

The weathers hot, there’s not a cloud in the sky, and you’re almost ready to go soak up those rays.

But before you go rushing off into the sunshine, you’re probably wondering how best to wear your designer shades.

Despite being a Summer style staple, sunglasses can be a tricky accessory to wear just right.

Well with these 4 simple hacks get ready to take your sunglasses game up a stylish notch.


How To Wear Sunglasses… With Makeup

how to wear sunglasses

If you want to avoid readjusting your sunglasses all day, then its time to whip out some eye shadow primer.

Apply a touch of extra primer to the bridge of your nose to keep your shades from sliding down.


How To Wear Sunglasses… With A Fringe


Ask for a layered bangs cut the next time you head to the salon.

By adding layers to your fringe you’ll be able to easily sweep your hair to one side.

Alternatively, grab some bobby pins and use them pin your fringe under and away from your frames.


How To Wear Sunglasses… With A Baseball Cap


A quick and time-honored solution is to simply bend the brim of your cap.

Wearing a cap with a deeply bent – rather than flat – brim prevents the bill from bumping against your sunglasses.

However, you could take your cap n’ shades style to the next level and buy a Notchgear cap.

With handy notches on either side of the bill, these caps are designed to pair up with most brands of sunglasses.


How To Wear Sunglasses… With A Bike Helmet


how to wear sunglasses

Stay safe and stylish by wearing your sunglasses over your helmet straps.

This makes it easy to take them on or off when your out and about on a summer ride.