How To Declutter Your Apartment With Ease

So you’ve decided to organize your home and declutter your apartment. Or maybe you’re in search of a few ways to give yourself some more elbow room around the house. Whatever your reason, this practical guide is going to help you clear your apartment and free up your living space.

Now, we don’t recommend you rush headlong into the big job of decluttering your apartment.Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Same goes for clearing clutter out of your home. You’re going to struggle to clear out years of knickknacks in a single afternoon. Instead, give yourself a 1 to 2 week decluttering deadline. That way you can focus on clearing just one single room per day. And by the time the deadlines up, you apartment will be clutter free!

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How To Declutter Your Entire Apartment With Ease

how to declutter your apartment

Why Should You Declutter?
You’ll feel more self-confident

There are many benefits to having a decluttered apartment.

The most obvious benefit is that decluttering gives you more space to live in.

But in addition to having more space, decluttering can also help sharpen your decision-making skills.

By choosing which items to keep or discard you can begin to feel more self-assured about future decisions.

You’ll feel less anxious

Do you feel pangs of anxiety anytime you glance at the stacks of books, clothes, and trinkets around your home?

Tackle your clutter – and let go of “I Might Need This Someday” guilt – and you’ll be free of that angst.

You could make a little extra money

Decluttering doesn’t mean you have to throw all of your stuff away. If your old items are still in a good and usable condition, you can sell them and pocket some cash.

The free Decluttr app offers one of the simplest ways to quickly sell off your unwanted things.

Maybe you have a bunch of books laying around. Maybe your CD rack is less a music collection and more a collector of dust. Or maybe you have stacks of DVDs that you haven’t watched since you started your Netflix subscription.

Whatever you find laying around, Decluttr’s ready and waiting to give you an instant price offer for it.

how to declutter your apartment

Learn more about how Decluttr works by clicking here.

Begin Decluttering Your Apartment
How To Choose Which Room To Declutter First

To avoid feeling overwhelmed by the big job ahead, it’s best to take thing’s one small step at a time.

So begin with the smallest room in your apartment first, then work your way up.

The smallest room in your home is typically the bathroom, or maybe a guest bedroom.

But if you live in an open plan apartment, then select the corner that has the least amount of clutter.

how to declutter your apartment

Deciding What To Throw Away


Begin by clearing out doodads that you’re never going to need, sell, or giveaway.

These are no brainer throw-away items such as coat hangers, tattered clothing, expired makeup and so on.


Afterward move onto items that you haven’t used in over 12 months, such as worn clothing and old party costumes.

So, basically any clothes or shoes that would be better off given away to the less fortunate.


Next, stack up any entertainment items that you haven’t used in over 24 months.

Think board games, books, DVDs, games consoles, and any technology items that are still in working condition.

how to declutter your apartment


By now you’ve likely cleared away most of the obvious clutter and you’re down to the difficult decisions.

These ‘difficult-decision’ items are things such as;

  • Family heirlooms
  • Expensive (but little used) handbags, shoes, and other accessories
  • Working but outdated technology (such as old PCs and laptops), etc.

At this stage it’s time to delve deep and tackle just how important these items really are to you.

Try this experiment. Pretend you’re moving out of your apartment at the end of the month.

However, your new apartment has 20% less space than your current one. What would you throw or give away if you absolutely had to?

Best Decluttering Practices For Each Room
How To Declutter Your Kitchen
  • Clear The Counter: Remove rarely used kitchen gadgets and appliances.
  • Cut Through The Cupboards: Check through and discard any out-of-date food found in the back of the cupboard.
  • Cleanse Your Crockery: If there’s just 2 of your living in your apartment, do you really need to store 10 plates?
How To Declutter Your Living Room
  • Remove The Remotes: Swap multiple media remotes for a single universal remote.
  • Bags And Baskets: Store your magazines and newspapers away in wicker baskets instead of on tables and floors.
  • Substitute Your Shelving: Trade big boxy bookcases for more streamlined ladder shelving options like the one shown below.

You can buy one of these stylish oak ladders from A Place For Everything.

Or you can try your hand at making your own DIY version by checking out Row House Nest’s tutorial here: Row House Nest DIY Leaning Ladder.

how to declutter your apartment

How To Declutter Your Bedroom
  • Oust Those Outfits: If your wardrobe is full to bursting then this is where you should begin. Empty your wardrobe completely and only put back what you genuinely plan on wearing in the near future. And remember, Be Ruthless.
  • Trinkets And Trays: Ditch the purely decorative items such as vases, bowls, and never-before-spritzed perfumes.
  • Paper Purge: Banish scrap paper, magazine stacks and age-old notes to the recycling bin.
Can You Declutter Too Much?
No, (if the clutter doesn’t belong to you).

Living in a cluttered apartment is one thing. But living in an apartment cluttered by an ex’s belongings is quite another.

If there’s stuff laying around that doesn’t belong to anyone living in your apartment, then get rid of it.

Reestablish your personal space and tell your ex-roomie or ex-partner to collect their things.

No, (if your clutter makes you feel down or depressed).

Ask yourself the question, ‘why do I really want to declutter my apartment?’

Is your answer something along the lines of ‘because I want more space’ or ‘this clutter is stressing me out’?

If it is then decluttering could help reduce your levels of coritsol (the stress hormone), and boost your mood.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of accomplishment once you’re finally stood in your clutter-free home. So simply set aside an hour a day and dedicate that time to ridding yourself of all non-essentials. And soon enough your apartment will become the clear and calm living space you’ve always dreamed of.

how to declutter your apartment