How To Throw A Spookily Awesome Halloween Party On A Tight Budget

The start of Autumn means the excitement of Halloween is just around the corner.

And it just so happens that this year you promised family and friends that you would host the festivities.

Now we all know that throwing a big bash costs money. From the food to the entertainment to the party decorations, it can all start to add up.

So if you’re facing the prospect of planning a Halloween party on a small budget, what are you to do?

Well, we’ve gathered together some great ideas on how you can put on a successfully spooky shindig without overspending.

How To Celebrate Halloween On a Budget

Make Your Own Party Snacks

You can save an incredible amount of money by simply making homemade appetizers.

In fact it’s nearly five times cheaper to cook from home rather than order in hors d’oeuvre.

Plus, if you choose your menu carefully you can also save yourself time by opting for no-bake snacks.


No Bake Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake

This super easy pumpkin spice cheesecake can serve up to 12 hungry guests in a pinch.


No Bake Graveyard Dirt Cups 

awesome Halloween party

Kid’s and grownups alike will be happily digging into these grave treats.


Make Your Own Decorations

One of the biggest Halloween party expenses by far has to be the decorations.

But if you settle on a few choice DIY centerpieces, you can still make a big impression (for a lot less!).


Wicked Witch Legs

awesome Halloween party

Some scrap chicken wire – and an old pair of long socks – creates this ghoulish decoration.


Upcycled Lanterns

awesome Halloween party

These spooky lanterns are so easy to make they take less than 10 minutes to put together.


Make Your Own Fun

Keeping guests entertained takes a mix of music and a variety of games.

But hosting a fun jamboree doesn’t mean drawing up a flawless entertainment list.

Instead all a great party needs are activities that let everyone – both young and old – join in with the festivities.


Feed The Monster

awesome Halloween party

Extend the party out into the back yard and get the family competing with this DIY ball game.


Pumpkin Golf 

awesome Halloween party

Or you could turn your garden into a mini-golf course for kids (and kid-at-heart grownups).