9 Incredibly Simple Ways To Make DIY Scented Wax Candles

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I love scented candles! And hands down they are the first item on my shopping list whenever I stock up on household staples for the month.

And as we all know the range of different fragrances available on the shelves is vast!

Plus, who can really stop at purchasing just one scented candle when you can try them all. 🙂

Unfortunately, over time, my scented candle obsession started to add up and prove to be more than a little bit costly.

That is when I decided that making my own home-made wax candles, (at just a fraction of the cost of store bought versions), was the best option for a budget-cautious scented candle lover like myself.

So I went out and found 9 simple candle making tutorials that don’t require you spend huge amounts of money on candle making kits or ingredients.

Simply read on to discover how to easily make your own DIY scented wax candles using just a few low-cost items found in any local superstore.

9 Incredibly Simple Ways To Make DIY Scented Wax Candles

scented wax candles

Soy Wax Candles By Swoon Worthy

Learn to make your own soy wax candles by checking out Swoon Worthy’s step by step guide to combining soy wax with your favorite essential oils.

Soon enough you will have a wax candle that will give any room in your home an attractive fragrant glow.

scented wax candles

Funfetti Candles by Beth Cakes

Mixing rainbow sprinkles and soy wax flakes, Beth Cakes has a brilliantly creative DIY scented candle recipe.

Lighting one of these in your home will have your whole house smelling of delicious cupcakes (which is always welcome in my abode).

scented wax candles

Essential Oils DIY Scented Candles By Really Pretty Useful

Really Pretty Useful’s DIY scented candle guide teaches you how to make your own wax candles with any essential oil scent that takes your fancy.

So if you want your home to smell of your favorite oils, from Lavender to Geranium, give this budget friendly candle making recipe a go.

scented wax candles

Cinnamon Spiced Candle by The Happier Homemaker

Cinnamon may be more familiar as scent associated with Autumn. But no matter the season, a cinnamon scented candle is a welcome fragrance all year round.

Plus the hint of vanilla extract in this candle making mix gives the aroma an extra honeyed touch.

scented wax candles

DIY Apple Scented Candles By A Cultivated Nest

Fill your home with the smell of sweet apples with A Cultivated Nest’s DIY Apple Scented Candles.

The apple scent in this particular candle is easily added by using low-cost Baked Apple Warming Scented Wax Cubes

scented wax candles

Lavender Scented Candles by Lauren Greutman

One of the most popular essential oils comes from the evergreen shrub, Lavender.

This fragrance often reminds me of summer time in full bloom. And adding a lit Lavender candle in your main living space can feel a little bit like bringing the outdoors into your home.

scented wax candles

Coffee Scented Candles by Premeditated Leftovers

For the coffee lovers among us why not introduce the warm feeling of your local coffee house into your home.

Lighting one of these homemade Coffee Scented Candles by Premeditated Leftovers, will soon have you filling your house with a delicious espresso fragrance.

scented wax candles

Lemon Beeswax Candle by A Pumpkin And A Princess

To add a crisp citrus scent to your bedroom or kitchen, you could try your dab hand at making your own Lemon Beeswax scented candles.

Perfect as an ideal hand-crafted gift for a loved one, this scented candle tutorial is refreshingly straightforward.

scented wax candles

Oil Candle Lamp By Hearth And Vine

These holiday themed candles are a clever adaptation on the typical Wax Candle design.

Using olive oil rather than candle wax as an energy source, Hearth And Vines oil candle lamps smell incredible.

Plus they are both long lasting and have charming appeal as a home decor idea.

If you want to create both gorgeous looking and delightfully scented home-made wax candles there is no need to purchase expensive candle making kits.

You can simply start making your own scented candles by using any one of the 9 tutorials listed above.

Just a few select low-cost supplies, (that can be purchased at almost any home store), will soon see you on your way to making your own DIY scented wax candles.

Do you have a favorite candle fragrance? Then why not let me know which scent lights your (candle)fire in the comments below!