9 Impossibly Cute Homemade Pet Halloween Costumes For Your Dog

What’s the best reason for dressing up your dog in a cute costume? Okay fine, Instagram.

Well, what’s the second best reason for a doggy costume? Why, Halloween of course!

We went and found some of the most adorably cute DIY dog costumes.

So if you want your pet looking their best come October, check out these 9 homespun outfits.

9 Impossibly Cute Homemade Pet Halloween Costumes For Your Dog

Angel & Devil Headbands

By Vicky Bermudez

Transform your canine friend into a crafty little devil (or a heavenly angel) with this effortless headband.

DIY Unicorn Dog Costume

By HelloGiggles

It’s all rainbows and unicorns from here on out.

A Taco Special

By Katrinaosity

Let’s Taco ‘bout how adorable this outfit looks.

Doggy Dinosaur

By chezlin

Like a movie extra straight out of Jurassic Park comes the Dino-growl-us Rex.

DIY Bat Dog Halloween Costume

By Sea Lemon

Huggable hound by day, Gotham savior by night.

Three Headed Dog Costume

By MondbergTV

This garb will have your dog looking like a lovable Cerberus.

Dog Ladybug

By Tanya Owens

This outfit will have your dog looking as snug as a bug in a rug.

Bunny Dog Costume

By BerryWhimsey

What makes this costume doubly awesome is that you can use reuse come Easter.

Hairy Pawter

By Sarah Johnson

So cute even Severus Snape would go ‘awww’.