9 Brilliant Eye Makeup Step By Step Video Tutorials

Eyes are the windows to the soul, or so the saying goes — why not make sure your eyes truly stand out!

If you are in need of a primer tip or an eye shadow hack, then any one of these 9 eye makeup step by step video tutorials can help you out.

Watch one of the videos below to quickly learn how to bring your A-Game to your make-up routine.

9 Brilliant Eye Makeup Step By Step Video Tutorials

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Eye makeup step by step video tutorials

When you want to apply that Smokey Eyed look…

Getting that immaculate smokey eyed look can be tricky.

But you can avoid the dreaded panda eyes and recreate that all important ‘come hither’ gaze by following Denitslava Makeup’s Youtube video lesson.


When you want to use eyeshadow, but don’t know how…

Eyeshadow is the key to bringing a sense of true allure and depth to one’s eyes.

With the right blend draw attention to your best features by following Alexandra’s Girly Talk Youtube tutorial.


When you want an elegant shimmery feel…

Apply this fashionable style by using a rich brown shadow to contrast beautifully with glittery makeup.

This eye makeup tutorial from An Knook will show you how to make your eyes appear even more attractive.


When you want to try and make those sexy Eyeliner Wings…

This quick 5 minute video shows you how to draw eyeliner wings to perfection.

Making it yet another handy beauty technique to add to your bag of makeup tricks.


When you need to conceal the deep set under your eyes…

Bags under the eyes can be really difficult to cover up.

But beyond sticking to a careful skincare routine there are other ways to resolve the problem of puffiness under the eyes.

This is when the power of a really good makeup solution kicks in.

One of the best Youtube eye makeup tutorials out there on the subject is Chanel’s guide to masking this problem area.


When you want to give liquid eyeliner a go (but you are a little bit afraid to try)…

Using liquid liner along the eyelid can be a little intimidating (and more than a bit scary for newbies).

So Birchbox created a complete beginners guide on the right way to using this beauty product.

Inside this super-quick 90 second tutorial you will learn all you need to know in order to get those stylish lines just right.


When you want to bring that hooded eye look…

Start the day off the right way by stepping out the door with super stunning eyes.

Set yourself apart from the daily office crowd by using Stephanie’s everyday Hooded Eye shading tips.


When you want your eyes to look bigger…

Well applied makeup can both transform and enhance our best features.

And with the right eyeshadow and highlighter, anyone – from blushing beginner to makeup maestro – can conquer the all important bright eyed look.

Upgrade your eye game, and make them appear bigger and more striking, by following this video tutorial from The Makeup Chair.


When you don’t know what you want to try and need help deciding…

Do you already have an idea of the kind of eye shape you have? Then you can start thinking about choosing an eye makeup style that compliments your eyes natural contours.

In this tutorial makeup artist Christina Henry has a beauty tip for every eye shape.

She will show you how to do eye makeup step by step for every profile from deep set eyes to hooded or mono-lids.

Making over your eyes so that they have a flawlessly powerful look is no longer a makeup industry secret.

And with these 9 eye makeup step by step video tutorials you now have enough beauty tricks up your sleeve to elevate your entire makeup game overnight.