9 Easy No Sew Crafts That Are A Cinch To Make

Make brilliant DIY crafts — from clothes to toys to even laundry baskets — all without having to pick a single stitch!

These 9 easy no sew crafts are so simple to make even an aspiring DIYer could get them done in under an hour.

So there’s no need to worry about threading complex sewing patterns.

Instead today you can put away your sewing machine and try your dab hand at any one of these crafty tasks.

9 Easy No Sew Crafts That Are A Cinch To Make
Try this if you are looking for an effortless no sew purse for kids…

easy no sew crafts

Make this super cute tote bag for your little ones to use.

All you need is an old knit shirt and Scattered Thoughts of a Craft Mom’s tutorial.

It takes merely three everyday items to whip up this colorful large pouch.

And best of all there’s no sewing machinery required!


Try this if you are looking for a no sew stuffed animals design…

These sock bunnies are fun to assemble, and are sure to bring a smile to any child’s face.

With a few bits and pieces (and a couple cups of rice for sock filling) you can make this snuggly bunny.

Check out Home and Gardening Ideas No Sew DIY Sock Bunny blog post to find out more.


Try this if you are looking for no sew crafts for kids…

easy no sew crafts

Making a felt-fabric owl is gonna be a fun blast for your kids!

The Baby Center guide to making a colorful Sock Owl doesn’t even require the use of glue as an adhesive.

Which makes this vividly decorated owl both a real eye catcher and the perfect snuggly toy for toddlers.


Try this if you are looking for no sew gift ideas for your kids…

easy no sew crafts

This Teepee can make for an amazing yet inexpensive children’s birthday present.

Plus Picky Stitch’s tutorial is a complete doddle to follow.


Try this if you want to make a no sew dress from fabric you have lying around…

This elegant flowing maxi skirt doesn’t require even so much as a thimble.

That’s why it is well worth you checking out Paixão Fortes quick 3 minute video tutorial.

Their DIY Circle Maxi Skirt is an ideal fashion project for beginner dressmakers.


Try this if you are looking for easy no sew t shirt projects…

easy no sew crafts

This rocking t-shirt doesn’t require a needle or thread. All you need is a spare 15 minutes of your time, an old tee and a pair of scissors.

You can choose from 2 different design styles; the sexy Slashed Tank cut or the racy Racerback Tank twist.

To learn more see Pole Parlour’s DIY Tee to Tank Makeover how-to guide.


Try this if you are looking for no sew cushion covers…

easy no sew crafts

Are you stuck searching endlessly for just the right pillow case to complete the look of your home’s decor?

Well All Day Chic has got you covered with their easy to follow DIY pillow case hack.

With this cushion cover trick you can now freely choose your own favorite fabrics to best match your couch.

And with a few folds and twists you can transform those fabrics into simple no sew pillow covers.


Try this if you are looking for a no sew project that is both practical and pretty…

easy no sew crafts

These DIY rope baskets are an original and beautiful way to organize your laundry. Alternatively you could use them to store toys and other stuff.

A bit of careful ingenuity with an Elmers CraftBond Hot Glue Gun is the secret behind Elmers DIY No Sew Rope Baskets.

This easy no sew crafts idea is totally worth doing!


Try this if you are looking for a no sew project that would be convenient to have in the kitchen…

Find that bit of extra space in your kitchen by using this clever no-sew storage hack.

Move your excess plastic bags from underneath the sink and into this handy dispenser.

Check out Scrappy Geeks No-Sew Plastic Bag Dispenser for step by step instructions.

And be on the lookout for their adorable Munchkin cat, ‘Turbo’.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an anxious amateur or a proficient professional — making one of these craft items is a piece of cake.

Why wait? Just set aside your sewing kit and give why one of these easy no sew crafts tutorials a go. Enjoy!


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