8 Sneaky DIY Ikea Furniture Hacks That’ll Make Your Stuff Look Stylish

With over 300 stores worldwide the IKEA store is probably the first place many people go to when they need a quick home makeover.

Plus, the fact that their furniture is incredibly affordable doesn’t hurt either.

But IKEA’s trademark minimalist design can make their range look a little bit too uniform.

Now I don’t know about you, but personally, a room filled with nothing besides white and oak furniture can feel a little lifeless.

Thankfully, however, there’s a way to equip your home with IKEA items that’ll have your unique personality stamped all over them.

So, if you want to learn how to turn those off-the-assembly-line pieces into a one-of-a-kind unit, then check out the 8 brilliant DIY IKEA furniture hacks below…

8 Sneaky DIY Ikea Furniture Hacks That’ll Make Your Stuff Look Stylish
Glam Chair

Use spray paint and faux fur to turn a chair from drab to fab.

diy ikea furniture hacks

With a bit of work you can make this simple IKEA chair pop with personality.

Found at: The Key Item

Painting IKEA Furniture

Don’t settle for the factory setting. You can easily repaint any IKEA unit to your personal liking.

diy ikea furniture hacks

Sometimes all an item needs is a good paint job in order to stand out.

Found at: Designer Trapped In A Lawyers Body

Kitchen Sideboard Transformation

Upgrade a 6-drawer chest into a kitchen sideboard by attaching pull handles.

diy ikea furniture hacks

With a lick of paint this chest of drawers goes from functional to fabulous.

Found at: All Things G&D

Pimped Out Ikea Moppe

Wrap an unfinished IKEA chest with some world map decorating paper.

diy ikea furniture hacks

It’s the gift that keeps on giving to aspiring wanderers with itchy feet.

Found at: Pillar Box Blue

Industrial Wall Planter

Repurpose a shelf unit with just a few wooden planks.

diy ikea furniture hacks

Showcase your succulents by bringing a dash of flora into your home.

Found at: Remodelaholic

Ottoman/Coffee Table Ikea Hack

Attach some foam and funky fabric to a coffee table.

diy ikea furniture hacks

This 15 minute project can help you make an interior design statement – even if you’re crunched for time.

Found at: A Purdy Little House

DIY Bar Cart

Truss up a trolley with a little bit of Gold spray paint.

diy ikea furniture hacks

Transform a Sunnersta into a striking cart — and roll this flashy drinks trolley out at every summer barbecue.

Found at: Dove Cottage

DIY Lego Table

Secure a couple of fun buckets to a small table.

diy ikea furniture hacks

It’s all fun and games with this IKEA table hack.

Found at: A Little of This, A Little of That

What’s the best piece of IKEA furniture you’ve ever bought?

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