8 Must-Try Self-Care Tips That Are Gonna Help You Unwind This Weekend

The weekends finally here; which means its time to leave the busy workplace behind and take a well-deserved break.

Yet instead of looking forward to a couple days of relaxation you’re already starting to dread Monday morning. Well, you’re not alone.

Around 65% of Americans struggle with work-related stress. And 76% of Americans workers suffer from ‘Sunday Night Blues’ and feelings of anxiety as Monday looms over the horizon.

But if you want to feel less frazzled, and more relaxed, then maybe it’s time you tried a bit of self-care.

So pamper your mind, body, and soul this weekend with any one of these 8 stress-relieving self care tips.

8 Must-Try Self-Care Tips That Are Gonna Help You Unwind This Weekend

Relax Your Mind
1). Practice 5 minutes of meditation

The free CALM app offers easy-to-follow guided meditation sessions.

With some sessions lasting just 3 minutes you can always find time to lower your stress levels through breath meditation.

Self care tips

2). Watch a calming video

The short yet soothing recipe videos on the Peaceful Cuisine channel are both delicious to watch, and incredibly tranquil.

3). Revitalize your mind with aromatherapy

Soothe your bad mood with just a few drops of the right aromatherapy essential oil.

It only takes a moment to light up a candle wick. So you might as well unwind to the smells of lavender, cedarwood oil, or jasmine.

Rejuvenate Your Body
4). Take a sneaky mid-day nap

Grab an extra 40 winks whenever you need to this weekend. Not least because that extra nap could help you live a longer healthier life.

Self care tips

5). Dance to your favorite tunes

Want to switch yourself on to a more positive frame of mind? Then go listen to some upbeat tunes.

Just turn up the volume and dance like nobody’s watching.

Self care tips

6). Stretch and release with a Yoga session

Yoga can help to relieve feelings of depression as well as help you feel more invigorated physically and mentally. What’s not to like?

Revive Your Soul
7). Listen to a funny podcast

Laughter really is the best medicine. Why? Because a good laughing session fills your body with lots of feel-good Endorphins.

And as it turns out there are some truly guffaw-worthy comedy podcasts floating around such as 2 Dope Queens and Anna Faris Is Unqualified.

Self care tips

8). Let off some steam with a swear fest

Are you still carrying a lot of pent up frustration from work? Take a cue from scientific research and release your irritation by going off on a bit of a swearing tirade.