8 Effortless Nail Designs You Can Do With A Toothpick

When you want an artful way to bring a splash of character to your fingertips, it can be difficult to find a design that is both eye-catching and simple to apply.

Which begs the question… how do we recreate those awesome freehand nail art images all from the comfort of our own homes?

Thanks to Youtube the answer is clear.

All you need for salon-fresh nails is a decent base coat, your favorite nail paints, and a quick video tutorial to teach you nail designs you can do with a toothpick.

Curated below are 8 beginner toothpick nail art step by step tutorials.

And there’s something here for everyone — from swirl nail polish toothpick designs to complete novice guides on how to paint a flower on your nails.

8 Effortless Nail Designs You Can Do With A Toothpick


Easy Heart Shaped Design


These lavender hearts by Ildiko look tricky, but are in fact deceptively easy to draw.

From LifeWorldWomen


Absolute Beginners Flower Nail Art


For a goof-proof nail style, (that you could probably do with your eyes closed), have a whack at this charming 5-dot blossom.

From Glamrs Nail Art


Bold & Beautiful Nail Feature


Use the toothpick to accentuate a pinstripe of white polish atop a bolder shade of color.

Found at Alivia Nail Art


Prom Night Nail Art


This twirling nail paint illustration can suit both short and long nails.

Quick Tip: Use 2 coats of dark polish the day before painting on this pattern.

Found at AP NailedIt


Classy Polka Dot Nail Art


This classic polka dot pattern is so effortless. But make sure you use a layer of fast dry top coat to seal in the finish.

From Fatimatti Designs


Cute Daisy Nail Art For Short Nails


Short nails needn’t stop you from applying these adorable daisies.

You can even mix things up by dabbing some polka dot features on your index and pinky fingers.

From Trendy Polish


Easy Roses Nail Art


Check out this video if you want to see wow-factor nail artwork.

Because in under 3 minutes Ms Ella is going to show you how to paint stunning roses on each digit.

From Ms Ella


Palm Tree Nail Art


There are five design ideas in this tutorial for you to choose from.

But my personal favorite design (which starts 00:28 into the video) is StefiBeauty’s Caribbean inspired palm tree look.

From StefiBeauty

Whether you’re trying to save money by doing your own nails or you want a quick way to compare designs, you could give one of these toothpick art lessons a whirl.

But ultimately, the look you choose to rock for your next night out will depend on which polish makes you feel like your nails pop with personality.

Which swanky nail polish color will you be wearing this fall?

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