8 Cool Arts And Crafts Ideas You Can Make In A Single Afternoon!

It doesn’t matter if you are a Crafts Beginner or a DIY Veteran — you are so going to fall in love with these 8 creatively cool arts and crafts ideas.

Just a few low-priced arts supplies are all you need to get started on any one of these easy projects.

Plus each crafty item could even make for an ingenious handmade gift for your friends and family.

8 Cool Arts And Crafts Ideas You Can Make In A Single Afternoon!

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8 Cool Arts And Crafts Ideas Arts and crafts for Teens Adults and Kids

If you have an old clock lying around…

Cool arts and crafts ideas

Sew a stitch in time with this snazzy button clock. You can get the complete tutorial here from Epheriell Designs.

Follow the steps to recycle the time pieces mechanism onto a simple fabric or embroidery clock face.


If you are able to take an arts & crafty break this lunchtime…

Cool arts and crafts ideas

This project is straightforward enough to get done within your next lunch hour.

To learn more about how you can make this clever kitchen magnet see Urban Comfort for a step-by-step lesson.


If you have a few discarded tin cans laying around…

Cool arts and crafts ideas

Make a few of these trendy bird feeders for our feathered friends — and sleep soundly knowing that they will be well fed all year round.

Get full instructions from Mom Endeavors here to start making your DIY bird feeders this afternoon.


If you are looking for inexpensive ornaments for the bedroom…

Cool arts and crafts ideas

Ideal for storing odds and ends – or for using as gift boxes filled with sweets and treats – these innovative containers will bring an elegant feel to your rooms decor.

Upcycle your empty tin cans by following the steps laid out in Molly Mell’s Upcycled Tin Storage project.


If you want to add a touch of classic glamour to your next dinner party…

Cool arts and crafts ideas

Scrummage through your old jewelery to find items deserving of new life as low-cost (yet expensive looking) table decorations.

With a pair of pliers – and Thoughts From Alice’s DIY Glam Napkin Rings instructional blog post – you too can serve up these striking table wear pieces.


If you are in search of a dazzling shrubbery pot for your office desk…

Cool arts and crafts ideas

Out of all of the cool arts and crafts ideas that I’ve come across these stylish flower pots are certainly the most striking to look at.

Better yet they are uncomplicated to make when following Alana Jonesmann’s DIY Marbled Terra Cotta Pots tutorial.

Simply select your favorite eclectic acrylic colors and you’re away!


If you want to take on a project that looks very elaborate (but is actually pretty easy to do)…

Cool arts and crafts ideas

Turn a lifeless languid light bulb into a terrific tiny terrarium with this gem of an arts & crafts project.

The Hipster Home’s guide to crafting your own Tiny Terrarium in a Light Bulb is perfect for ambitious beginners – and only requires a few simple tools.


If you are looking for a inventive way to use up your leftover string…

Cool arts and crafts ideas

Use a paper traced deer silhouette as a way to maneuver the string and make this impactful piece of artwork.

To find out how you can make your own home-made plaque check out A Week From Thursday’s Deer String Art blog post.

Why not set aside a spare hour this weekend – or even later on today – and give one of these cool arts and crafts ideas a chance.

Any one of them is bound to make you fall in love with DIYing all over again.