7 Effortless Tips For Organizing A Kitchen Pantry

Anyone can make even the smallest kitchen space feel like a large pantry with these 7 simple storage solutions.

Learn how to organize a pantry cupboard and turn those hidden nooks and crannies into nimble storage spots for your baking utensils and ingredients.


7 Effortless Tips For Organizing A Kitchen Pantry


Two Twenty One

When Chelsea over at Two Twenty One first moved into her brand new home she soon discovered that she could boost the space in her new kitchen by giving her cabinets a quick makeover.

By adding hooks and rails to the walls of your baking cabinet, you too can expand your pantry space.



Shannon from HGTV has a unique mason jar hack that’s ideal for anyone looking to learn how to organize a small pantry.

Breath new life into old mason jars and give your kitchen an original rustic-styled touch.


MiMi’s Crafty World

MiMi’s Crafty World has come up with a smart way to sort through the loose vegetables in your food pantry.

After browsing through Pinterest MiMi was inspired to turn simple mesh holders into budget-friendly cabinet dividers.


PB&J Stories

For a complete guide to organizing a kitchen pantry check out PB&J Stories.

Their pantry renovation blueprint covers everything from adding more shelving, to updating the look of your cupboards with some shrewd stencil work.


I Heart Organizing

In search of a new way to solve the age-old problem of limited kitchen space, Jen from I Heart Organizing devised a way to conveniently store food wrapping.

This quick project requires a few easy-to-apply Command Wire Hooks and a simple strip of Wood Dowel (which can be found at any good local home improvement store).


Taking On Today

Kelly, (from Taking On Today), always wanted a cabinet that allowed her to neatly store away kitchen utensils, (and do away with all the messy cookie tray clutter).

This was the motivation behind her impressive cabinet remodeling project.

If you want to know how to organize a pantry with deep shelves, then check out Taking On Today’s baking tray storage solution.


Shanty 2 Chic

This reclaimed-wood wine rack is a DIY project that is sure to produce lovely results.

Shanty 2 Chic has a complete step by step guide to adding this hint of Farmhouse-Chic to your Kitchen.

With a few tweaks here – and the odd home decor project there – you too can squeeze out some extra storage space from your home.