7 Quirky Housewarming Gift Ideas (That Only Your Bestie Will Get)

Housewarming gifts have become so blasé, haven’t they? It’s all potted plants, lifeless lamps, and characterless coasters.

Now don’t get me wrong, you can never really have too many houseplants around the place.

But for your best friends housewarming party, why not give them a gift that’s as quirky as it is fun!

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7 Quirky Housewarming Gift Ideas (That Only Your Bestie Will Get)

1). Travel Dartboard

Quirky Housewarming Gift Ideas

This ‘map of the world’ wall art comes with airplane-shaped push pins. Now your friend can easily mark all the countries they’ve visited so far.

Enjoy The Wood ($79)

2). Hearty Soaps

Quirky Housewarming Gift Ideas

These handmade scented soaps are the ideal gift for Horror-lovers everywhere.

Paranormal Bathtivity ($15)

3). Tiny Pencil Houses

Quirky Housewarming Gift Ideas

Each pencil-sharp dwelling takes its design inspiration from traditional English countryside cottages.

Emma Verner Designs ($27.20)

4). Toilet Paper Holder

Quirky Housewarming Gift Ideas

A tasseled tea cozy to keep your toilet rolls toasty? Why not!

Dolly Sheep Home ($23.10)

5). Floating Moon Lamp

Pluck the moon from the sky and give your life-long pal this luminescent present.

Amazon ($219.99)

6). Handcarved Candle

Quirky Housewarming Gift Ideas

Candles are a traditional housewarming present. But this psychedelic titan will loom large over all those other scented gifts.

Curly Candle ($31.10)

7). A Squirrel Feeder…

Quirky Housewarming Gift Ideas

… that’s shaped like a Unicorn. Perfect for garden wildlife enthusiasts (and Bronies).

Amazon ($16.99)