7 Inexpensive Ways To Cleverly Upgrade Your Entire Bathroom

So you’ve decided your bathroom needs a whole new face-lift.

And you can’t help but be just a little bit jealous when you watch those Before & After makeovers on TV.

But when you’re working with a tight budget how do you get those stunning results?

Well, there are plenty of DIY decor projects that you can do for almost any room in your home.

But in this post, I’ve found 7 inexpensive ways to completely upgrade your restroom from tip to toe.

Why not go ahead and apply a few of these low-cost renovations to your own bathroom.

And soon your bathtub will look so pretty it could be in a showroom!

7 Inexpensive Ways To Cleverly Upgrade Your Entire Bathroom
Upgrade Your Bathroom Floor

Give your floor a new flair with some paint and stencils.

Bathroom upgrades

Apply a good coat of water-based primer – it’ll be the backdrop for your snazzy new stencil design.

Found at: Domestic Blonde


Upgrade Your Bathtub

Use super-lightweight AirStone to create the appearance of exposed brick around your tub.

Bathroom upgrades

This DIY project is a budget-friendly way to bring a little bit of Scandinavian-style design to your bathroom.

Found at: Lovely Crafty Home


Upgrade Your Bathroom Storage

Turn reclaimed wood – and a $20 Home Depot mirror – into a handy spot for your toiletries and towels.

Bathroom upgrades

And what’s more, this ingenious twofer DIY project costs less than $100 to make!

Found at: Shanty 2 Chic


Upgrade Your Bathroom Sink

A coat of granite paint is all you need for this expensive looking renovation.

Bathroom upgrades

This hack is the ideal way to replace your bathroom counter tops (without needing to call in a local builder).

Found at: Dukes & Duchesses


Upgrade Your Bathroom Towel Rack

Rope together this towel rack using a couple of galvanized clips.

Bathroom upgrades

This towel rack is incredibly simple, very practical, and amazingly easy to do.

Found at: Greco Design Company


Upgrade Your Bathroom Accessories

Fashion yourself a set of these shabby-chic Mason Jar holders.

Bathroom upgrades

You can store your everyday toiletries and knick-knacks in this trendy bathroom set.

Found at: Mason Jar Crafts Love


Upgrade Your Bathroom Walls

Affix a few of these wooden triangular shelves to your bathroom walls.

Bathroom upgrades

Do away with the blank canvas by placing pot plants and blossoms on your new shelves.

Found at: The Merry Thought

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