7 Fun & Thrifty Ways To Organize Your Child’s Playroom

Does your house feel as though it’s overflowing with stuff? Or perhaps you’ve stepped on yet another small stray toy left behind in the hallway?

Well then, maybe a fun DIY storage solution is in order!

Below are 7 ways to add more toy space to any kids playroom — more than enough for all their action figures and games.

So read on to discover how you can finally reclaim the floor space around your home, once and for all.

7 Fun & Thrifty Ways To Organize Your Child’s Playroom
Storage Bench

ideas for kids storage

These particular plans were originally meant for shoe storage.

But a 4-crate bench would also be a great way to stockpile medium sized toys and knick-knacks.

Found at: That’s My Letter

Drawer Under The Bed

ideas for kids storage

Hiding clutter away under the bed is a time honored bedroom tidying technique used by kids and teens everywhere.

But at least with this drawer that mess under the bed will be just a little less messy.

Found at: Grillo Designs

Crate Bookcase

ideas for kids storage

This effortless idea barely takes any time to set up.

Just stack a bunch of wooden crates against a far wall. And then afterward, you can shelve their favorite books and board games in this bargain bookcase.

Note: It’s totally up to you, but for safety you may wish to consider securing the crates to the wall.

Found at: Maison De Pax

Phone Charger Holder

ideas for kids storage

Avoid charger cable trip-ups and mishaps by sewing a adorable yet functional holder for their cell.

Found at: Flaming Toes

Crate Bench

ideas for kids storage

Add both space and seating to any small bedroom or playroom by crafting a home-styled Ottoman out of colorful crates.

Found at: Refresh Living

Wooden Crate Display

ideas for kids storage

Check this out if you’re looking for somewhere to place those very tiny toys, matchbox cars, and dolls.

Mailing tubes make for ideal cubby holes in this must-try DIY project.

Found at: FrugalFun4Boys

Fabric Buckets

ideas for kids storage

For your next sewing project, grab your thimble and start work on some Velcro-backed fabric buckets.

You could soon be stashing those roving Lego’s blocks under-the-table — and out from underfoot.

Found at: Melly Sews

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