7 DIY Ways To Overhaul Your Living Room With Cozy Hygge Design Ideas

Yet another summer has bid us a final farewell for the year.

In it’s place come cooling temperatures, wetter weather, and the 1st day of Autumn.

It’s enough to make you want to nestle up at home with some cozy blankets and a hot cup of cocoa.

Well, literally nothing says ‘cozy’ better than Hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”).

Personified by images of crackling fires and woolly socks, Hygge is the Danish word for feeling cozy, comfortable and content.

So, for some low-cost ways to bring more Hygge into your life, check out these 7 home decor hacks.

Why? Because they’re going to help you turn your living room into your own hygge hideaway.

7 DIY Ways To Overhaul Your Living Room With Cozy Hygge Design Ideas

Floors & Walls
1). Scandinavian Styled Floors

Style up your living room with clean bare floors. It’s a look that really embraces the minimalist mood of Scandinavian decor.

hygge design

Found At: That Nordic Feeling

2). Giant Pegboard

Still keeping with a minimalist theme, decluttering your living space doesn’t mean hiding away your knick knacks.

In fact with this polished pegboard you can still display your favorite pictures, books, and ornaments.

hygge design

Found At: Vintage Revivals

3). Flameless Fire Pit

You don’t need to fuss about with smoke and chimneys with this flame-free display piece.

hygge design

Found At: Blog.Freepeople.com 

Tables And Chairs
4). Scandi Trivet Trays

These chunky coasters are almost too cute to put your cup of tea on.

hygge design

Found At: The Lovely Drawer

5). Knit Blanket

Now this is what every blanket ever made should be; Big, Chunky, and Warm.

hygge design

Found At: Place of My Taste

Finishing Touches
6). Birch Pillar Candleholders

With a few of these captivating candleholders you can give your living space added mood lighting.

hygge design

Found At: Walnut Hollow

7). Wood Hygge Tray

The next time your friends pop round you could bring them their teas and coffees atop this Hygge-inspired tray.

hygge design

Found At: Walnut Hollow