5 Proven Self Care Ideas That’ll Soothe Away Morning Stress

Self-care needn’t mean paying for expensive spa days or sweating it out at the gym.

The best self care techniques are usually quick, simple and cost next to nothing at all.

In fact, making a few habit changes can be all you need to help keep stress and anxiety at bay.

So if you’re struggling to keep a brave face on things, then it’s time to give yourself a little TLC.

Add these 5 simple self care hacks to your morning routine and bring some feel-good back into your life.

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5 Proven Self Care Ideas That’ll Soothe Away Morning Stress

1). Take A (Quick!) Cold Shower

self care day ideas

End each morning shower with a short but invigorating blast of cold water.

A brisk bitter blast helps improve circulation and eases any muscle soreness in your body.

2). Give Your Whole Body A Full Stretch

Get your body moving first thing each day by doing as little as 5 minutes of gentle flexibility exercises.

The free ‘Start Stretching’ App can coach you through a range of lunges and squats.

self care day ideas

3). Step Into The Sunlight

self care day ideas

Natural sunlight helps to boost your Serotonin levels, (i.e. your body’s natural happiness chemical), as well as regulate your mood.

Plus, direct sunlight is a great source of Vitamin D – a key ingredient for stronger bones, teeth, and healthy hair.

So fling open those curtains and fill your home with as much natural light as possible.

4). Ignore Your Phone

It’s official; our phones are seriously stressing us out. And being immersed in today’s ‘always on’ culture is a cause of rising anxiety.

So when you go to bed tonight place your phone on Airplane mode. That way you won’t wake up to nagging social media notification ‘dings’.

Besides, do you really need to know exactly what your friend ate for breakfast?

5). Do A Little Bit Of Tidying Up

self care day ideas

Scientific studies have found that people living in clutter-free spaces feel more energized and less stressed.

So taking a couple of minutes to make your bed, or hang up your clothes, can make a world of difference.

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