5 Savvy Kitchen Makeover Hacks That You Can Easily Do Yourself

If you love to cook, then spending time in a fantastic looking kitchen should be part of the fun.

Even if you’re not a cooking enthusiast, it certainly doesn’t hurt to turn your kitchen space into a gorgeous place.

So if you’re feeling the itch to redecorate, why not start by renovating one of your homes most frequently visited rooms.

Now usually, refurbishing the entire kitchen and pantry can cost a lot of money.

But in this post I’ve found 5 quick & clever tutorials that’ll modernize your kitchen whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

5 Savvy Kitchen Makeover Hacks That You Can Easily Do Yourself
Make a Kitchen Island

This maneuverable petite island is suitable for any sized kitchen.

Kitchen Makeover

Plus its more than sturdy enough for regular everyday use.

Found at: Shanty 2 Chic


Makeover Your Countertops

Use inexpensive contact paper to completely revamp your kitchen countertop.

Kitchen Makeover

The use of marble-print contact paper is the secret behind this really elegant interior design hack.

Found at: Make Do And DIY


Makeover Your Knife Holder

Transform a clutch of classics into a canny knife caddy.

Kitchen Makeover

This knife holder is tremendously easy to make. Not only is it functional, it also makes an effortlessly shabby-chic kitchen ornament.

Found at: Town and Country Living


Makeover Your Fridge

Upgrade your fridges sterile interior, and give it colorful WOW factor.

Kitchen Makeover

It only costs a couple bucks to make each fridge placemat.

Found at: 2 Little Superheroes


Makeover Your Trashcan

Give your Trashcan some Pinewood Panache

Kitchen Makeover

Keep your trash out of sight with a rustic-style stained wood cabinet.

Found at: By Dawn Nicole


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