5 Low Maintenance Houseplants That Are Safe For Cats

As pet owners we want to be sure that every plant in our house is safe for our feline friends.

That is why I’ve put together this quick list of 5 cat-friendly non-toxic indoor house plants.

Simply read on to discover which plants can be kept inside the house around our moggie amigos!

Bamboo Palm

Houseplants Safe For Cats

This popular and super low-maintenance plant doesn’t require much watering – or even light – to grow.

A native-flora of tropical Madagascar, this cat-ideal houseplant can still grow to up to 12 feet tall (even in typical room temperature).


Houseplants Safe For Cats

One of the most gorgeous looking cat-friendly plants are the easy going Echeveria.

Requiring very little day-to-day maintenance, these slow growing succulents are shaped into a beautiful rosette.

Just take care to avoid over-watering these plants (which hail from the dryer climate areas of Central and Southern America).

Prayer Plant

Houseplants Safe For Cats

Thriving best in indirect sunlight, the charmingly graceful Maranta leuconeura (aka The Prayer Plant) folds up it’s leaves at night or in low light.

In fact the way it folds up its leaves is precisely how the Prayer Plant got its name.

Here is an incredible quick time lapse video showing a Prayer Plant ‘nestling down’ for the night:


Houseplants Safe For Cats

This strong-scented evergreen shrub may hail from the warmer climes of the Mediterranean, but that doesn’t stop it from growing easily all year round.

Known for its attribute as a stress-relieving essential oil, Lavender can also be a perfect plant for any pet-filled home.

African Violet

Houseplants Safe For Cats

The African Violet is striking to look at with its combination of bold violet color with tear drops of yellow at it’s center.

They do however require more active care than your typical houseplant. Especially as you’ll need to pay extra attention to the level of moisture in the soil.