5 Fool-Proof Vintage Garden Design Tips (They’ll Turn Any Lukewarm Lawn Into Vintage Vision!)

What do you think of when you read the words ‘Vintage Garden Design’?

Does it bring to mind Victorian-era styled lawns? Or does the phrase conjure up images of shabby chic rustic styles?

There are a range of different vintage design styles that’d look good in any indoor or outdoor living space.

But if you want to quickly add some stunning touches to your lawn, then check out these five garden design tips.

With these five home decor hacks you could soon turn your lukewarm lawn into a vintage vision.

Turn your outdoor space into an outdoor room

Vintage garden design

A big garden decor trend this year has been Outdoor Living.

This trend’s all about making your garden feel more like a natural extension of your indoor living space.

Create a beguiling dining area with some durable outdoor furniture like this set or like this set.

Swap your old BBQ for a wood-fire oven centerpiece

Vintage garden design

Dazzle your BBQ guests – and get party conversation going – with a chimney topped oven just like this portable one.

Add some decorative pillows to bring a cozy feeling

Vintage garden design

Pillows add lots of personality and color to any garden set.

So why place a pillow or two like this one onto your garden chair seats.

And some well placed lanterns can provide wonderful outdoor lighting

Vintage garden design

The warm glow of some decorative candles can help to create a calming atmosphere.

Perfect for when you and your guests want to kick back and chat whilst the sun sets.

Hang some rustically classic-looking lanterns like this one or this one around your patio or porch.

Finally, don’t forget to add a bird bath (and help out Mother Nature)

Vintage garden design

The whimsical bird bath is a must if you want to draw flocks of our feathered friends to your garden.

Plus, adding a bird bath helps local bird-life clean themselves regularly and stay free of diseases.

You can get a Vintage Garden Company bird bath here. Or you can get a cheaper – yet still just as stylish – ceramic one from here.