5 DIY Laminate Floor Cleaners That Won’t Break The Bank

There’s no need to spend over-the-odds for commercial products.

Instead why not try your dab hand at creating your own home-made floor cleaner.

These 5 DIY cleaning solutions promise to cleanse your laminate floors and carpets of stubborn stains.

Plus they all use ingredients that can be found in almost any kitchen cupboard.


5 DIY Laminate Floor Cleaners That Won’t Break The Bank


Clean Mama

Clean Mama’s ‘DIY Laminate Floor Cleaner’ sanitizes and shines without any streaky after effects.

Using just three ingredients this DIY cleaning solution will give your laminate flooring a buffed and beautiful gleam.

And don’t worry about the addition of Vinegar to the solution.

Vinegar is an ideal disinfectant and is safe to use on laminated areas.

Note: Vinegar based cleaning solutions should not be used on hardwood floors as it may damage the varnished finish.


Creative Homemaking

Creative Homemaking’s easy-to-prepare cleaning solution uses just three natural ingredients to make a toxin-free product.

And not only is it ideal for laminate flooring, it can also be used to mop ceramic floor tiles too.


We’re Far From Normal

This cleaning solution will have your kitchen smelling fragrant and fresh in no time at all.

Just add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to We’re Far From Normal’s All Natural Laminate Floor Cleaner recipe.


My Mundane And Miraculous Life

If you love a fresh citrus scent then look no further than My Mundane And Miraculous Life.

To get that fruity scent they recommend adding a few drops of Lemon or Orange Essential Oils.


ABC Creative Learning

If you want to introduce a minty aroma into your kitchen or bathroom, why not check out ABC Creative Learning!

Their sanitizing recipe blends white vinegar and rubbing alcohol with peppermint essential oils.

This mix results in a non-toxic cleaning solution that will wholly cleanse away the dirt and grime from your home.


“I really could tell a difference in my floors and it didn’t leave a residual film.

I definitely feel more at ease when the girls are playing or eating food off the floor now that I’m using a non chemical cleaner.”

Victoria (ABC Creative Learning)

Making your own home made floor cleaner (at a fraction of the cost of over-the-counter alternatives) is so simple.

So if your budget is tight – or you simply want a cleaning product that is free of chemicals and toxins – then give one of these 5 home-made products a go.

And if you already make your own DIY Floor Cleaner, let me know all about it in the comments below.