3 Smart Ways To Turn Your Love Of Destination Travel Into A Money-Spinner

Do you yearn to set off upon another voyage, but find yourself weighed down by your tight income?

Or have you been meaning to save for your next backpacking getaway, but don’t know where to start?

Well, thankfully there are ways to turn your travel know-how into a tidy profit!

Simply read on to discover a few quick travel-inspired side-hustles (that won’t cost you a penny to start!).

Make Money From Your Travel Photo Album
By selling your past travel photos on Dreamstime.com

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Dreamstime is a stock photo website where shutterbugs like yourself can sell your photos to hundreds of different buyers.

You can upload and sell a wide range of different images on their website. And a single listed photo can potentially sell multiple times.

Better yet, each photo can sell for up to $17 (of which you get to keep 25% as your royalty fee).

And who are the people purchasing these photos? Well, your Dreamstime customers range from businesses to website owners, content publishers to book illustrators.

So if you’ve ever traveled to parts unknown before – and taken a few photo’s – then this is a great way to earn some extra cash.

To get started click here to begin selling your own stock photo images.

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Make Money Writing About Your Past Travels
By becoming a freelance travel writer on Upwork.com

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Upwork is a marketplace where freelancers can submit proposals and bid to take on various projects.

Which makes it the perfect place to find work as a freelance travel writer.

As a travel writer you can turn your previous globe-trotting experience into helpful guides and articles for holidaymakers.

Now getting started on Upwork is very simple.

First you will need to sign up and create your own profile.

Afterward, you can begin searching through Upworks project listings for travel writing related jobs.

For a quick Beginners Guide To Getting Started on Upwork click here.

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Make Money From Your Travel Gear
By recommending your favorite travel products on Kit.com

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Kit.com is a community website that allows you to show off (and make money off) your favorite travel products and gear.

It’s essentially a way for you to earn an affiliate income without needing to set up a blog or website.

The way it works is pretty straightforward;

Step 1). Write a list of every product or piece of gear you’d pack in your ideal travel bag.

Things on this list could be anything from your favorite brand of luggage, to the SD card company you swear by.

Step 2). Next, log into your Kit.com account and ‘Create a Kit’.

In this new ‘Kit’ you’re going to add all of the products from your ideal travel bag list.

Step 3). Once you’ve finished building your new Kit, Kit.com will now create an affiliate link for you.

This link will point towards a single shopping page showcasing all of the different items in your travel bag Kit.

Step 4). You can now begin posting your Kit.com affiliate link everywhere.

Some great places to promote your link are your Instagram bio, Pinterest, Twitter and so on.

Step 5). Someone finds and clicks on your affiliate link.

Anytime someone buys a product in your kit, you get to keep 100% of the affiliate revenue generated.

Kit.com is an effortless way to build a passive income.

Or as Kraig Adams says about them;

“Kit makes what would be a gear page on a personal site into an open community where anyone can discover, interact with, and share products.” Kraig Adams Expert Filmmaker

To get started click here to begin creating your own kits.

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