3 Unconventional Sewing Jobs To Do At Home

Are you a seamstress in need of some extra cash? Looking for sewing jobs to do at home as a side gig?

Well, you could decide to do the job application circuit and take up a conventional 9 to 5 sewing job.

But wouldn’t it be more fun to earn a sewing income from the comfort of your own home?

Now what you may or may not know is that the rise of the freelance gig economy has surged in recent years.

And thanks to the Internet, it’s easier than ever before for anyone to earn incomes outside of conventional employed work.

So what does this mean for the sewers around the world?

It means that with the rise of the freelance economy there has never been a better time to take your love of arts & crafts and turn it into multiple streams of income.

So go grab your ballpoint needle and get started on one of these 3 unconventional work from home tailoring jobs.

Take on some private piece work with TASKRABBIT

3 Unconventional Sewing Jobs To Do At Home

TaskRabbit is a popular app with over half a million Google App store downloads.

And the aim of this app? Well, the goal is to connect local handymen and women with people who need help with everyday household tasks.

A Quick Summary on how TaskRabbit Works:
  • Step One. Someone logs onto TaskRabbit and posts a job that they need doing (for example, sewing, putting up shelves, mowing the garden, etc).

  • Step Two. The TaskRabbit app notifies local TaskRabbit contractors (ie you!), about the job posting.

  • Step Three. You then either choose to take on the task (agreeing to a set hourly fee beforehand). Or you can cancel and refuse the job.

All of these steps (including payments) are managed via the TaskRabbit app for your convenience.

All you need do is sign in and put your name up for any sewing work in and around your local area.

Note: You could also bid for any of their other wide ranging household tasks.

How much can you expect to earn?

Your TaskRabbit income is directly tied to the number of tasks/jobs you can pick up.

If you live in a large busy metropolitan area, you are going to be able to pick up more tasks.

However if you live out of town or in a quiet suburb, opportunities to pick up extra sewing tasks will be thin on the ground.

Sell your sewing patterns on ETSY

3 Unconventional Sewing Jobs To Do At Home

Etsy is one of the biggest online craft marketplaces on the web with revenue booming by over 23% in the last 12 months.

3 Unconventional Sewing Jobs To Do At Home

All that revenue growth is evidence that more customers are visiting and spending money on Etsy.

So if you open up your own Etsy store selling sewing patterns online, you too could cash in on this booming consumer trend.

So how does Etsy work?

Getting started on Etsy is surprisingly quick, simple and – most importantly – cheap.

You can have your Etsy store up and running in under an hour. And it can costs as little as 20c per listing for 4 months.

But, be sure to read through their ‘Fees For Selling’ guide carefully before you start listing your sewing patterns.

And if you want to get your hands a completely FREE guide to starting your own Etsy store, check out Etsy’s own Seller Handbook here at: https://www.etsy.com/uk/seller-handbook

How much can you expect to earn?

Although there have been stories of Etsy self made millionaires, these top 0.1% earners are the extreme outliers.

How much you can realistically earn from Etsy varies wildly depending on how much time and money you invest into your store.

In addition to that, there are listing fees, PayPal fees, and Etsy’s selling fee to consider.

With all that in mind, if you were to list a sewing pattern for the price of $9.99, you could expect to make a profit of roughly $8 per sale.

Offer your sewing expertise via consultation phone calls on CLARITY.FM

3 Unconventional Sewing Jobs To Do At Home

Clarity.fm is a Consultation Marketplace. Think of Ebay, but instead of buying & selling goods, people go there to buy & sell advice.

Now although the platform is most popular for its business & marketing experts – such as billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban – Clarity.fm does in fact cover a wide range of topics.

Basically, it is a place where anyone can go to get a quick consulting phone call on almost any topic… including Sewing!

How does it work?

Clarity.fm acts as bridge between clients seeking advice, and the experts giving it;

Step 1. Person A [The Client] needs advice on sewing. So they go onto Clarity.fm in search of an expert in Sewing.

Step 2. Person B [The Expert] has a profile listed on Clarity.fm stating that they’re an expert on the topic of Sewing.

Step 3. Person A comes across Person B’s profile and likes Person B’s credentials.

Step 4. Person A clicks the ‘Request A Call’ button situated beside Person B’s profile.

Step 5. Clarity.fm creates a private conference telephone number for Person A to call. Once Person A calls that number, they will be connected through to Person B’s phone.

Step 6. Once the phone call starts, Clarity.fm begins tracking the length of the call. At the end of the phone call Clarity.fm bills Person A for the consultation call.

Step 7. Clarity.fm keeps 15% of the billing fee, and Person B gets paid the rest!

How much can you expect to earn?

First things first, before you add this side gig to your list of sewing jobs to do at home, you’re going to need two things;

a). A LinkedIn Account, and

b). Some professional-level experience in sewing.

Although it’s not required you be a sewing maestro, this is still a side gig better suited for more intermediate and above sewers.

But once your profile is up and running, your potential hourly rates are surprisingly generous.

When you sign up you’re required to set your own hourly consulting dollar rate.

This rate starts at $60 per hour ($1 per call minute). However, on average, most Clarity profiles charge between $100 to $300 per hour ($1.67 to $5 per call minute).

3 Unconventional Sewing Jobs To Do At Home