15 Cheap Housewarming Gift Ideas That Look Jaw-Droppingly Fancy

When your budget is tight finding enough money for a great housewarming gift can place you in a difficult financial position.

You want to wish your family and friends well in their new house — but you don’t want to turn up at the party empty handed.

There are loads of low-cost gift ideas floating around the Internet. But we’d all probably prefer to give our friends the kind of present they would love to have on display in their home.

That is why I’ve gone and found 15 DIY gift ideas that are as impressive to look at as they are cheap.

Plus these inexpensive DIY housewarming gifts look like they could fetch top dollar at any home-goods store!

15 Cheap Housewarming Gift Ideas That Look Jaw-Droppingly Fancy

Decorate a bottle of red wine (or apple cider) with gold wrapped Ferrero Rocher, and offer up this fruity-themed housewarming gift.

DIY Pineapple Wine

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Find Redefined Mom’s full tutorial here.

These tiled coasters could each be customized to show a local map of their newly-adopted home town.

Custom Coaster Maps

cheap housewarming gift ideas
Learn how to make them by checking out Heathered Nest here.


Anthropologie-inspired coasters that will add a fabulous color dimension to their coffee table top.

DIY Agate Coasters

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You can find the step-by-step guide here.


A planter for growing their favorite herbs — made out of simple upcycled baking tins!

Indoor Herb Planter

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Discover how you make one just like this here.


A funky pot plant that will bring a dusting of fairy magic to their brand- garden.

Fairy House Planter

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Learn more on how to craft one of these by visiting here.


An all-natural chemical-free air freshener that will be kind on their allergies.

DIY Air Freshener

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Find out more here.


A greenery filled planter that will bring a little bit of fresh air into their new city apartment.

Copper Hanging Plants

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Follow the easy-to-follow tutorial here.


A classy pair of golden trays for them to store their earrings or car keys in.

Gold Dipped Jewelry Trays

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Read the complete guide to making your own by visiting here.


A clutch of dazzlingly decorated vases that are exactly what they’ll need to display freshly cut flowers.

DIY Color Blocked Wood Vases

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Get the full how-to guide here.


A bunch of easy-to-sew yummy-looking coasters for their kitchen counter.

Citrus Coasters

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Find the oh-so-simple sewing instructions here.


A set of stylish cooking utensils that will help them serve up a feast come dinner time.

Paint Dipped Kitchen Utensils

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Discover how to whip these up by hopping over here.


A geometric succulents-filled terrarium will give their home office decor an upscale modern finish.

DIY Terrarium

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Find out more about this DIY project here.


A set of kitchen towels they’ll find much too pretty to use for mopping up spills.

Shibori Dyeing Kitchen Towels

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Start making these today by learning more here.


A charming flower display for their front porch or window sill.


Paint Stick Basket

cheap housewarming gift ideas

Make your own beautiful basket by reading the full tutorial here.


A fetching bundle of hangers that make a real impression on their wardrobe space.


Wooden Stamped Hangers

cheap housewarming gift ideas

Discover more by checking out the complete tutorial here.

Gift your next housewarming party host one of these budget-friendly present ideas and get ready to WOW them!

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