12 DIY Closet Design Ideas That Are Amazingly Simple!

 diy closet design ideas

If you want to store your shoes away neatly, (and keep your folded shirts from creasing in a messy pile), then making the most out of the space in your home becomes a must.

If you are like me and have more pairs of shoes than there are hours in the day, (or your family thinks that the word ‘wardrobe’ means ‘the nearest empty patch of space on the floor’), then these DIY closet design ideas and hacks are here to give you a helping hand.

So whether you are simply hoping to sort out your closet, or you want to maximize your wardrobe space, you are bound to find a craftily inventive idea from one of the many great closet space hacks listed below.

You will find a hack, tip, and trick for every cupboard, closet and cabinet.

So why not give one of them a try (and let us know what you think!)

12 DIY Closet Design Ideas That Are Amazingly Simple!
Playroom Storage

diy closet design ideas

If you want to sort out your kids playroom so that there is more of the fun – and less of the mess – then take a look at Sunny Side Up’s ‘Organized Playroom Storage guide.

Using clever money-saving storage hacks, such as low cost bin organizers from Target, you can get more square inches out of their playroom – giving your children more room to have fun!

PVC Shoe Rack

diy closet design ideas

Do you have dozens of shoes cluttering up your hallway, and tripping you up along the way?

Well why not try storing away your errant boots and slippers by checking out Cookie Loves Milk’s wonderfully inventive PVC shoe rack!

With a bit of PVC, (and some crafty ingenuity), you can create an inexpensive DIY shoe rack.

Custom DIY Closet Shelving

closet storage diy

The simplest way to expand the space in your closet is by making sure that you are using every inch of that area.

That is why Reality Day Dreams brilliant custom closet shelving tutorial is a must for anyone looking to get the most space out of their home.

So if your closet has a high ceiling, take advantage of it by installing these DIY shelves.

Crafty Over The Door Shelf

closet storage diy

Did you know that the space just above your bathroom door could be turned into a sneakily efficient storage area?

Perfect for the littlest rooms in the house, say for example a small bathroom, DIY Danielle’s closet design idea is a great place for storing spare rolls.

Or for keeping shampoos and conditioners well out of the reach of curious little hands.

DIY Closet Shelves

closet storage diy


If your closet looks as though it is filled with a clothes-wreck, rather than a clothes-rack, consider giving this closet shelving design idea from Calyz & Corolla a try!

Adding much needed extra ledges to your wardrobe is a simple way for you to keep your wardrobe neat and tidy.

Clever Hanging Laundry Baskets

Diy closet design

A simple laundry basket can offer the perfect solution for messy cupboards.

Using a little bit of Whoorl’s inventiveness, (and some inexpensive laundry baskets from your local dollar store), you too can squeeze out that little bit of extra space from inside any small cupboard.

Handy Closet Hangers

Diy closet design

Is your wardrobe so packed that there is simply no more room for DIY shelving whatsoever?

Then maybe you could try Instructables space saving closet hangers.

Instead of hanging your sweaters and shirts side by side, this S-Hook inspired design hack allows you to hang your shirts from Top-To-Bottom.

Using this tip could make your wardrobe space more efficient by up to 60 percent!

Ironing Board Storage

diy closet design ideas

This DIY hack not only makes very practical use of a simple wooden crate, it can also add a beautiful aesthetic touch to your home.

Craftaholics Anonymous can guide you step by step through the process of adding a stunning DIY Ironing Board Station to your kitchen or craft room.

Added Bathroom Storage

diy closet design ideas

Make the most out of the space above your bathroom door with The 2 Seasons easy to follow DIY tutorial.

Make Your Own DIY Shoe Organizer

closet storage diy

Too many shoes, not enough space? I know the feeling.

That is why Our House Now A Home’s DIY tutorial is such a great shoe rack quick fix.

Not only is this shoe organizer functional, it also has a real ultra modern feel to its design as well.

Compact Office Space

Diy closet design

When you open the door to this closet you’ll be surprised by what you find!

This clever hack – found at Mood Maybe – adds a study desk to a room without sacrificing floor space, and is perfect for any teenagers bedroom.

Everything they’ll need in order to do their homework can always be at hand thanks to the handy book shelf, and conveniently placed desk drawers.

DIY Hook Rack

Diy closet design

Home Depot has a wonderfully stylish DIY take on the humble hook rack.

Using door knobs from second-hand cabinets, you can easily create a charming looking rack ideal for storing scarfs, neckties, or hats.


Well there you have it!

Now there is no need to feel worried that the shoes are beginning to stack up near the doorway. Or that clothes are often found piling up on the wardrobes floor.

Thanks to the tips detailed above there is a low-cost DIY answer for every storage puzzle.

So if you are looking for handy ways to organize your home on a budget, then give one or two of these amazingly simple storage tricks a try!

Have you tried any of these DIY closet design ideas and tricks?

How did it turn out? Let us know in the comments below!





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