12 Cheap Home Decorating Ideas That Are Beautifully Brilliant

House decoration ideas on a budget

Whether you own your own home, or you are renting an apartment, redecorating your living space can sometimes prove costly.

Yet with just a few simple items – plus a pinch of creativity and a dash of inventiveness – you can completely renovate the look and feel of your home in less time than you’d think!

If you are looking for low cost home decor ideas that you can do on a budget, then check out these 12 brilliant decorating hacks.

These DIY home decor tips and tricks cover interior design styles from Ravishingly Rustic to Stunningly Scandinavian.

So why not try a few of these brilliant DIY projects yourself, and discover a brand new look for every room in your house!

12 Cheap Home Decorating Ideas That Are Beautifully Brilliant

Budget decorating ideas

DIY Mason Jar Organizer (Kitchen)

Popsugar has a really creative way for you to modernize your kitchen design with these colorful mason jars.

If you need quick and cheap decorating ideas for apartments, turning your old canning jars into handy kitchen counter containers can be a simple way to upgrade the design in your kitchen.


Budget decorating ideas

Rustic Wooden Headboard (Bedroom)

Add some tastefully rustic chic to your bedroom by building your own DIY Rustic Wooden Headboard.

Costing as little as $20 to make, Rice Design Blog’s distinctive headboard offers a budget friendly solution for your bedrooms interior design.


Budget decorating ideas

Alternative Whiteboard (Home Office)

If you are someone who likes to keep your checklist front and center, Gorgeous Shiny Things has an ingenious hack for old mirrors.

Turn your time-worn mirrors into a low cost white board, perfect for any home office.


Home decorating ideas on a budget

Creatively Wrapped $5 IKEA Vase (Living Room)

Design-aholic’s DIY home decor hack is brilliantly creative and just right for anyone seeking out home decorating ideas on a budget.

For around $5 you can create a rustic looking Vase that would be ideal as a flower filled centerpiece in any living room.


Home decorating ideas on a budget

Thrifty End Table (Living Room)

For as little as $13 you should try out Treasured Rubbish’s inventive stencil designed end table.

With just a bit of polish you could soon add a touch of rustic DIY design to your bedroom or living room.


House decoration ideas on a budget

DIY Wall Pocket Organizer (Bedroom)

If you have already organized your closet you could decide to start organizing the rest of your bedroom.

Especially now that you have Sew Much Ado’s very simple DIY Wall Pocket Organizer sewing design to hand.


House decoration ideas on a budget

Rock Vase (Garden)

This rustic looking handcrafted rock vase looks amazing! Especially when you consider that it is in fact crafted from your everyday empty Pringle’s can!

Fab You Bliss’s table center piece rock vase is ideal for displaying your freshly cut flowers, offering you a great way to decorate your home both inside and out.


House decoration ideas on a budget

Farmhouse Style Serving Tray (Dining Room)

You can breath new life into old timber and create a Farmhouse styled dinner tray out of a worn piece of wood.

Sadies Season Goods has a thrifty twist that turns old chopping boards into new cooking ware for the kitchen… as well as elsewhere around the house.


Budget decorating ideas

Twinkling Twigs Candle Holders (Living Room)

I absolutely love these stunning candle holders!

Made from bits of twig, It’s Kriativ has come up with an inexpensive Twinkling Twig Candle Holder design.

These candle holders will add amazing mood lighting to any living room.


Budget decorating ideas

DIY Sofa Table (Living Room)

City Farmhouse has come up with a simple DIY sofa table design that will inject a Farmhouse interior design feel into your living room.

So why not dress up the most central room in your home with this reclaimed-wood end table.


Budget decorating ideas

Drop Dead Gorgeous Denim (Living Room)

Denim isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of interior design.

Yet Denim Chic totally rules when it comes to Michele Made Me Pouf home design hack.

Using cast-off denim jeans, that you may have laying around the house, you can give your living room a striking look with this budget home decor idea.


Budget decorating ideas

DIY Hanging Mason Jar Herb Garden (Garden or Kitchen)

Grow your own fresh herbs on the cheap by making good use out of your old mason jars!

These Hanging Mason Jar Herb Gardens are the ideal solution for small kitchens and apartments.

And thanks to Industry Standards Design you too can have a budget-friendly space-efficient herb garden in your house.

We may not always have the budget for expensive home renovation. But that doesn’t mean we can’t stylishly modernize our living space.

Using just a couple of the decorating ideas and hacks listed above, you can easily add some tasteful touches around your home.

So whether you are looking to add some Modern Magic to your kitchen, (or you want to add a touch of the Farmhouse Feel around your home), there is bound to be a home decor solution that is up to the job.

Have you recently done some DIY renovation around the house?

How did your design project turn out? Tell me all about it in the comments below!