11 No-Bake (And Extremely Easy!) Dessert Ideas For Parties

Get ready to make some quick and tasty morsels with these 11 no-bake easy dessert ideas for parties!

These recipes make for a perfect after dinner treat. Plus they are ideal for birthday celebrations and social get-togethers!


11 No-Bake (And Extremely Easy!) Dessert Ideas For Parties


Taming Twins

11 Easy Dessert Ideas For Parties

Inspired by her prior Easter Cheesecake Recipe Sarah from Taming Twins came up with this deliciously decadent No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake.

This quick and simple recipe only takes 15 minutes to prepare.

And after a couple of hours in the freezer, (to allow the ingredients to firm up), is ready to serve any lunch-time party crowd.


Create Bake Make

11 Easy Dessert Ideas For Parties

For another No-Bake Dessert special, check out Lauren’s Maltesers Slice.

In under 20 minutes you can effortlessly whip up 20 of these milk and white chocolate treats.


My Fussy Eater

Are you in search of a healthier dessert alternative?

Well for your kid’s next birthday party why not try these healthy Banana Chocolate Pops.

Ciara (from My Fussy Eater was in search of an inventive way to encourage her kids to eat more fruit. That search lead to these yummy lollipop snacks.


Jane’s Patisserie

11 Easy Dessert Ideas For Parties

If you are on the lookout for dinner party desserts to impress all your family and friends, you need not look any further than Jane’s Patisserie’s ‘Raspberry and White Chocolate Mousse’.

This surprisingly simple 3-ingredient pudding makes for an incredibly stylish looking last dish.


BBC Good Food

11 Easy Dessert Ideas For Parties

Delight any children’s party with these Marshmallows dipped in chocolate.

Taking just 15 minutes to both prepare and cook, this BBC Good Food recipe makes over 25 of these gooey lollipop sweets.


Sandhya’s Kitchen

11 Easy Dessert Ideas For Parties

These scrumptious Chocolate Tiramisu desserts are a Cocoa-inspired twist to a popular Italian coffee-flavored treat.

You could be serving 12 of these treats in under 10 minutes by simply checking out Sandhya’s Kitchen recipe.


Fuss Free Flavours

11 Easy Dessert Ideas For Parties

Fuss Free Flavours Homemade Vanilla Marshmallows will satiate almost any Vegan sweet-tooth.

This light and fluffy egg-free dessert takes a mere 10 minutes to prep.


Something Swanky

11 Easy Dessert Ideas For Parties

Ashton – the author, photographer and self-described dessert enthusiast of Something Swanky fame – has a wonderfully easy vanilla fudge recipe for you to try.

It requires a mere 3 ingredients, and takes just 10 minutes to prep (plus 1 hour chilling time in the freezer).

The finished results are these delightful Watermelon styled fudge squares.

Note: This dessert does not actually have any Watermelon ingredient in it. 🙂


Kerry Cook’s

11 Easy Dessert Ideas For Parties

These delish No-Bake Millionaire Bars require 20 minutes prepping and ‘cooking’ time.

Which makes them the perfect option for last-minute dinner party celebrations.


Kitchen Sanctuary

11 Easy Dessert Ideas For Parties

This 4-ingredient no-bake dessert makes 50+ cubes of moreish Coconut Ice treats.

They are incredibly easy to make, and come in a range of delightful colors. Simply add the food coloring of your choice.


AO Life

11 Easy Dessert Ideas For Parties

AO Life’s Easter Chocolate Chicks are just-right for spring, but lets face it, they would still be fun to make all year round.

Admittedly more of a dessert project than a dessert recipe, these cute chocolate chicks are simply genius!

So which no-bake dish are you dying to try out at your next weekend get-together?

Tell me all about it in the comments below!