11 Awesome Hacks To Save Money And Make Any Small Bedroom Feel Huge

Our bedrooms are a big part of our lives — not least because it is the place where we begin and end each day.

That’s why it is essential our bedrooms, (no matter how big or small), always feel inviting and cozy – not cramped and uncomfortable.

So if you have a petite bedroom that’s in urgent need of an organizational overhaul, consider using this weekend to revamp your sleeping space.

Rest assured, any one of the brilliant bedroom home decor hacks below is sure to turn your room from small to spacious!

11 Awesome Hacks To Save Money And Make Any Small Bedroom Feel Huge
Floating Corner Shelves

Add some rustic flair in the form of these lumber shelves — and get the very most out of all four corners of your room.

You can check out the full tutorial here.


Leaning Wall Ladder Desk

Make this ladder desk for an efficient way to introduce a multipurpose table into a tiny room.

hacks to save money
Find the full plans and tutorial here.


Mirror Folding Table

Create a versatile table that can be swiftly stowed away and transformed into a mirror.

hacks to save money
Learn how to craft one of these by checking out the guide here.

DIY Platform Bed with Storage

Boost your bed up off the ground and add a mattresses-sized worth of extra storage area.

hacks to save money
Discover the guide to useful storage hack here.


Corner Shelf

Affix a few tiny corner shelves so you can display your treasured photos or lush succulents.

hacks to save money
The instructions for this quick and easy small bedroom hack can be found here.


Hanging Organizer

Hang up tiny buckets on your wall — this way you’ll always have your toiletries, makeup and other beauty supplies to hand.

hacks to save money
Learn more about how to make your own organizer here.


PVC Door Hinge Towel Rack

When you think you’ve nowhere to put your towels and shirts, there’s always that often overlooked space behind the door.

hacks to save money
To discover how you too can make one of these, pop over here.


Hanging Laundry Hamper

Hanging your coat on the back of the door is a tried and true space-saving trick.

However, this DIY hamper hack is so much better at getting the most use out of that little hook.

Especially as it allows you do away with the space-hogging traditional laundry basket.

hacks to save money


Find the complete How-To guide here.

Bedside Pockets Organizer

Make this stylish patchwork organizer and you can stockpile your favorite nighttime reads, books, and magazines all within hands reach.

hacks to save money

For the full sewing pattern and tutorial go here.


Make-up Magnet Board

Use this smart storage solution and you’ll never lose your favorite eyeliner under the bed again.

hacks to save money

The step-by-step guide to making one of these can be found here.


DIY Coat Rack

You’ll only need 5 items to craft this genius ceiling-hook coat rack.

hacks to save money

Make this today by checking out the entire how-to here.

Note: Although Ram Sam Saa’s blog is written in Finnish, the tutorial for her DIY coat rack is written in English. In addition to that there are plenty of pictures to help guide you through every step.

Why not try your dab hand at one or two of these projects right now?

Not only will you save a lot of money, you will also be maximizing every square inch of space in your bedroom.

Plus, you’ll probably find you’re able to sleep better at night too. 🙂

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