11 Amazing Handmade Gift Baskets That You Can Create All Year Round!

Making handmade gift baskets can be a really gratifying way to get your creative juices going.

But the art of crafting great looking DIY gift baskets doesn’t always come easy.

Still there’s no need to resign yourself to being a gift basket beginner…

… especially when you can learn how to become a gift making maestro!

Want to find out how to create a gift basket that truly stands out?

Then check out these 11 genius gift-making tutorials!

11 Amazing Handmade Gift Baskets That You Can Create All Year Round!
Hmongfood Channel

On the Hmongfood channel, food vlogger Annie Vang guides viewers through a quick and easy gift basket tutorial.

This 11 minute video gives you a complete how-to guide to creating a simple DIY basket for any gift giving occasion.


StylEnrich Channel

The StylEnrich channel has a remarkable take on the traditional gift basket.

This video shows you how to create an Accordion Paper Basket, (designed for light small gifts).

Contain items such as chocolates, or other miniature presents, in this stunning DIY paper basket.


Gift Basket Appeal

This basket making tutorial is for anyone needing a gift basket that can carry large fragile items, such as wine bottles and glasses.

Gift Basket Appeal’s video tutorial teaches you how to make these sturdier-styled gift baskets from scratch.


Red Chilly Creations

If you need to make a last-minute gift basket fast, Red Chilly Creations has a smart 2 minute DIY guide.

Extremely low cost and easy to make, Red Chilly Creations could have you making great looking gift baskets in minutes!


Crafting Hours

Crafting Hours offers a complete guide to creating an extra special gift basket for that extra special gift!

This twelve and a half minute long video will teach you how to create a luxurious looking container for small gifts, candies and even flowers.


Leta Bit of Everything

Leta Bit of Everything’s video tutorial is a sugary take on the conventional gift bouquet.

Simply follow the steps in this 19 minute video to create a fabulous gift for the ‘sweet tooth’ in your family.



It’s one thing to create a gift basket, but working out which items to place in them can be quite another.

That is why I love this gem of a 2 minute tutorial from the WayFair channel.

Payton Lambton pairs up with Wayfair.com to help you match the right gift basket to the right person.

Proposing gift ideas ranging from the Bakers Basket (for cooking enthusiasts), to the Treat Your Pet Jar (an absolute must for dog lovers), Payton is focused on helping you to decide exactly what to place in your homemade basket.

So if you’re stuck for gift giving ideas, this video should be your first port of call.


Dree Harper

Beauty vlogger Dree Harper has a budget-saving beauty & cosmetics DIY basket tutorial.

Using low-cost purchases from your local Dollar Tree store, you can create a beautiful mothers day gift or birthday present.


Living With Lucy

If you are in search of a holiday-themed gift, check out lifestyle vlogger Lucy (from Living With Lucy).

For less than £10 (around $12 to $13) you can fashion gift baskets for Christmas without breaking the bank.


Joost Langeveld

This tutorial is for anyone willing to get really creative with their homemade basket creations.

Dutch origami vlogger and author Joost Langeveld, offers an incredibly crafty guide to making paper woven gift baskets out of sticky notes!

These fun origami gift baskets are just right for small treats and presents.

And when you use a mixture of sticky note colors, they make for an impressive looking DIY container.


Show Me Cute

Show Me Cute’s gift basket is topped up with everything a person needs for a relaxing Spa Day at home.

Ideal for giving that special someone in your life a gift filled with essential aromatherapy oils, face mask treatments and body scrubs.

These 11 inventive tutorials are an impressive way to take the expense – but not the thoughtfulness – out of giving gifts.

And with the list above you will always have a practical guide to making a hand-crafted gift that’s fit for every occasion.

Have you ever given a home-made gift basket? Feel free to share your very best DIY gift giving ideas in the comments below.